Oyster Cove Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant Photography

For a lot of consumers shopping online is the first step for reviews and to create visual expectation. If you don't have good photos, you won't attract people and they will move on to the next site untill they are impressed. Having great photos of your meals and restaurant can paint a very important picture for you business including photography of your staff working, smiling, pouring drinks and genuinely showing what sort of feeling your establishment has can really convince people that you are what they are looking for.

From personal experience of working and managing a cafe I understand how challenging it can be to advertise in a busy industry. You know you have a great establishment with a good feeling environment and a chef that know how to impress but sometimes getting people in the door and letting them know you are here can be hard. Facebook is great for updates, new items on the menu and upcoming events but we all know photos speak louder than text, what's better? Text on top of a photo. You only really have a potential customer for a few seconds on Facebook. They are either impressed and take not or just keep scrolling. With a few witty words and a gorgeous picture of your latest special you could potentially get them interested and in the door.