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With four years experience photographing weddings, family and commercial projects, I have met many clients & gained a great understanding of how people work in front of a camera and how to make a photo shoot relaxed and easy for everyone.
Photography has always kept me excited with learning new techniques and styles, this has naturally led me into the world of videography!

My job is broken up into three parts. Technique and creativity, camera gear and personality. I like to connect with people I work with to make sure we are the same page on what we are creating as a team.

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"Born and raised in Southland, I’ve been photographing weddings since 2016. I also have enjoyed assisting as a second shooter at many weddings alongside local photographers.

I absolutely love weddings and find it such a privilege to share in your day and capture such a special time in your lives. I am down to earth and passionate about capturing beautiful wedding images that will reflect your day.”