Hi, I'm Jordan...

Thanks for for taking the time to check out what I do, I hope you like my photography!
I am absolutely in love with my job and feel like a lucky lady being able to dedicate my time and energy to just that! I am from Invercargill NZ and love to travel around the South Island for weddings and being able to see new venues and meet you people. I have a diploma in digital photography and four years experience working as a photographer on my own. I also have a background in graphic design which helps me create my vision and ideas. 

A wedding day for me...

For me a wedding day should be about enjoying what you have spent so much time planning, it should be enjoying having all of you family and friends together in one place and it should be a day focussed on celebrating the fact you have found somebody you want to spend a life time with.

I like to keep things very relaxed when I am shooting a wedding. I let the day flow as it should without trying to control anything. I want to capture what is actually happening, not what I have staged. I like to get the tears, the laughs, the kids, family interaction and the inevitable hiccups that are bound to happen.

When it comes to the bride and groom shoot I am very much the same. If you feel awkward, you will look awkward so my main goal is to make you both feel comfortable around me and trust that I am fully invested in creating beautiful images for you. Not everyone likes getting their photo taken and I understand and respect that!

I bring two fancy cameras with me and a bunch of pretty cool lenses too! I have invested all of my profit back into my business to ensure I have some professional top of the line gear and I am proud of that. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about myself or my photography, I would love to hear from you!